The DCAU: Justice League Dark

Gone, gone the form of man…And rise the Demon Etrigan

The latest animated movie from our friends at DC has our favorite vigilante provide assistance to individuals who aren’t exactly known for capes and tights…mate.

For me, the standout moments of this feature was of course Matt Ryan returning as John Constantine (never should have canceled that show NBC) and all of the resentment and dislike he garnered from pretty much every character he interacted with. Also, as a memoir to us fans of the series proper, a nice remix of Constantine’s theme throughout the film. Now having Zatanna having a past with John instead of with Batman (a la Justice League Unlimited) made their relationship a little more cohesive but got a little grating on the nerves at certain points. Boston Brand (they never called him by his Deadman codename) served as this film’s comedy…enjoyed his initial reaction of “why is Batman even here?” We get Etrigan the Demon’s backstory and I love the fact that he rhymes and the film really makes him to be a powerhouse as does another character introduced…Swamp Thing. Did not know the Avatar of the Green was basically nature’s answer to Martian Manhunter.

The movie didn’t feel like a new sub-section of the Justice League taking off as it was more of Batman coming to accept more of the mystical aspects of the opposition he faces. (Even though Wonder Woman disproves this at the beginning of film and their later battle with Faust). Putting it up against the last Justice League movie (Versus Teen Titans), doesn’t stand up quite against it. Not a bad film but of the 8 Justice League animated movies…the first one (New Frontier) to me is still the weakest, but it doesn’t move up higher than that.


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