Monday Morning Gotham: Lines

This is more of a Monday “Night” Gotham. Reason being, went and saw WWE Royal Rumble last night in San Antonio and didn’t get back till late today. And of course, the winter finale for Gotham. What can I say that hasn’t been said already, or rather what can I feel that all of you out there already have experienced? So instead of going into the episode proper…let’s talk about one of my favorite lines (and I’m sure it’s someone else’s too).

“I will not kill.” – Bruce Wayne                                                                                                    Season 3: Episode 14: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Some people look at others and say ‘holier than thou’. Others look and say ‘morally corrupt’. All of us have standards and practices that we try to follow. But regardless where we fall on the morality scale, there are still some universal things that should be understood across the board. But even then, with racial lines, cultural lines and especially religious lines…what’s understood is not always what’s agreed upon. I love that Bruce established his line as he prepares to become the Dark Knight someday. Having one set up in place keeps us from going too far. When a person has no limitations place upon him, sometimes circumstances or just sheer force of will can make someone redefine what their limits are or even if they should have any at all. In my opinion that only makes you reckless. We all should strive to place limiters on our lives to keep us from just doing any and everything without considering how this affects you and the people around you.

Some things you just can’t come back from…you can’t step back over the line. So show love and appreciation for the people you see everyday.



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