Monday Morning Gotham: Two Steps Back

Gotham was a show that I really wanted to get into when it first came out…and it was a chore to get through when it first started. It ended up turning me off the show all together. Season 2 happened, I caught one episode and it pulled me back into its universe and now I find myself looking forward to the show each week like some of my other favorite superhero related shows. I thought about reviewing Gotham week to week, talking about the episode proper and what to look forward to next. But there are so many little aspects of Gotham that I really like thematically and rather than try to explore them within the Gotham universe or even the Batman-related universe itself…I’m going to give perspective on individual lines or scenes from different episodes and briefly talk about them in a more real-world format. I really want to give people a reason to think about certain aspects of their own lives and how they can be explored.

Season 3, Episode 4: New Day Rising

Selina says to the Bruce Doppelganger after he assumes she doesn’t know what it feels like to be alone, “People are overrated.”

The expression “one step forward and two steps back” is always used to describe individuals who seemingly demonstrate some growth in their life but ultimately fall back into their old patterns, whatever they may be. Selina suggests that the Bruce Wayne clone is better off alone rather than him wanting to explore the idea of having a friend or at the very least someone actually caring about him. I hear so many people talk about how they need to mind their own business or want to be left to wallow in their own suffering because they feel its what they deserve. Most of us have experienced our own varying degrees of hardship and pain in our lives. So I do not disagree with the “overrated” quantifier when it comes to people in general.

I do ask this question. Is life really that much more interesting if we all just walked through it and not interact with nobody? It is very easy to grow tired of people. Work or play, people are almost always involved and sometimes you just want that feeling of being the center of your own universe. In the same breath, the universe is a big place and loneliness can rob you of all the oxygen in your atmosphere if you let it.

I have a “hero complex” admittedly and there are times where I feel like no one gets me and I’m all alone in places where everyone knows who I am. But are people themselves overrated? I don’t think so. For all the faults and stresses that humanity brings to the table…it’s still good to be seated and see someone across from you who’s just trying to get something to eat too.



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