Top 10: Favorite Shows from Kids WB

10.) Johnny Test

Just another day in the life of a boy…to me this was Warner Brothers’ answer to Dexter’s Lab. Not nearly as good but I remember it well enough to be fair.

9.) Road Rovers

Wow, how old is this? Catchy little theme song and was a cartoon that never took itself too seriously. Short run but it has enough to where I would watch whenever it came on.

8.) Mucha Lucha

A cartoon about Lucha Libre (wrestling). How cool is that. Cool is Ricochet, cool is Buena Girl, cool is the Flea. Loved the signature moves and how overly animated they were. Better than I remembered.

7.) Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

A new spin to an old classic. Hey it beats watching Scooby Doo have these type of adventures. Love the dynamic between all the characters and really fleshes out Granny, something that the old shorts never really got to do. Oh, and Tweety finally gets eaten at the end…sort of.

6.) Cardcaptors

In the vein of Sailor Moon, this was a more or less a girls’ anime. Kinda funny in Sailor Moon, the main is Serena and here the main is Sakura. I was drawn into the show because of all the different Clow Cards and the interesting/mythical characters like Yue and Clow Reed. This show was better than it had any right to be.

5.) X-Men Evolution

I was so hooked on this show. I remember being in message boards discussing who the 4 Horseman were going to end up being. Oh and the final episode with Xavier having visions of the future. Man we were so hoping for another season after that, but that is the way you end a series. Amazing memories of this show…to me, enjoyed this more than 90’s X-Men.

4.) Spectacular Spider-Man

Speaking of shows that I feel are better than their predecessor. If there was a show that had no business being canceled after only two seasons. I love the new animation style for this (even Disney Infinity liked it). The relationship between Peter and Gwen was so sweet, so though out. This is the one show on my list that deserves to be brought back.

3.) MegaMan NT Warrior

The Top 3 I own personally so that should show my love for these shows. MegMan is my favorite of the classic mascot gaming characters. But, honestly the Blue Bomber himself is not even in my top five characters on this show. His NetOp, Lan being one example, in fact I enjoy all of the NetOps’ on the show. World Three, Commander Beef, Grave and my favorte ProtoMan. This show made me go out and beat the Battle Network games (and there were a lot of them too). Power Up!

2.) Jackie Chan Adventures/Xiaolin Showdown

I couldn’t decide between the two honestly. They both operate in the same space. Talismans of the Chinese Zodiac and later Demon Chi and the Masks of the Oni on one side; the numerous and wide variety of Shen Gong Wu on the other. I think Jackie Chan did enough to warrant it’s long shelf life, while Showdown really gave a lot seriousness and depth to an otherwise quirky little kids cartoon. Both are awesome, both deserve to be this high.

1.) Static Shock

Of course, growing up a black cartoon…that wasn’t corny and a superhero one at that. Virgil, Richie, their friendship is the stuff of legends. Loved the variety of villains they had. Oh and what I said about corny, they did have guest stars like Shaq and Backstreet Boy members so…got to get those ratings. Always love when Static gets some airtime in later shows (Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice) and it all started here. Puts a shock to your system!

(Now for the record, I acknowledge that Animaniacs, Batman/Superman, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Teen Titans were all mainstays on Kids WB and yes, I love all of these shows in some degree or another. I left these particular shows of the list because there will be upcoming lists that involve going more in depth into these shows specifically. So I wanted to give some shine to the shows I wouldn’t otherwise mention.)

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