Top 10: Favorite Nicktoons

(Just as a point of reference, what I consider as a Nicktoon…having the Nickelodeon “splat”  logo at the end of that particular show and being produced by Nick)

10.) Jimmy Neutron

Admittedly, I caught on to this show much later after its original run. Wish I hadn’t, it’s quite good.

9.) CatDog

I remember this very well, catchy theme song (the first theme song with actual lyrics) and…basically Ren & Stimpy with the roles reversed. Hey, it’s not Schnookums and Meat (do not seek out that cartoon).

8.) Danny Phantom

Half human, half ghost, all hero. Honestly, once some more time goes by, this will most likely be higher on my list. This show in my opinion was too good for Nickelodeon during that time period. Favorite Nicktoon of the new millennium!

7.) Avatar: The Last Airbender

Do I really need to say anything? The one Nicktoon that takes itself seriously. What Gargoyles was for the Disney Afternoon (yes, there will be a list for that), Avatar was for Nicktoons.

6.) Rocket Power

While CatDog is not quite as good as I remembered, Rocket Power is definitely better than I remembered. The last Nicktoon of the last century was based out of L.A. and included extreme sports and a main character who had to go to the Daffy Duck school of thought. Otto was awesome, oh and Tony Hawk was in an episode once too!

5.) Hey Arnold

This spot was a toss-up between this and Doug. Both shows had their bland moments but it came down to who was the more interesting main character. Honestly, Doug I remember more for his alter-egos like Smash Adams and Quailman. Arnold was an “everyman” character who honestly of all the Nicktoon characters (the prominent ones at least) I can relate to the most. He will always set out to do the right thing, even if it is not sensible to do so. The episode “24 Hours”, words can’t describe.

4.) Rugrats

“A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do.” The show that made “potty emergency” a thing before Wacko Warner ever did. Memorable characters, memorable holiday episodes…yes, Chuckie was my favorite character. Why is is not higher? Sometimes something can be so good, it runs the risk of overstaying its welcome (and I don’t mean All Grown Up, which didn’t help). Susie wasn’t in enough episodes to break the original 5 dynamic, but when Tommy had siblings, well…

3.) Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Surprised this is so high for me? A show that was about monsters going to school to scare humans, is this Disney? (Not for another six years, anyway) As a kid, I enjoyed this show; I really like this show looking back on it. The main characters are all complex enough to stand on their own despite working best when they’re all together. Oh, and they had a cameo in a Rugrats’ episode, bonus points!

2.) Ren & Stimpy

I’m just going to rattle off some of my favorite one-liners and leave it at that: (Powdered…Toast…Man…!!!, Log!, Space Madness, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Don’t Whiz On the Electric Fence, No Sir, I Didn’t Like It, and pretty much every time Ren gets angry, like all of them).

1.) Rocko’s Modern Life

Was my favorite Nicktoon, will always be my favorite Nicktoon. Does this have anything to do with Spongebob being as successful as it is, being a rip-off of this show…maybe. But take that away and you have a show that has the spirit of Ren & Stimpy and Animaniacs rolled up into one. There were jokes running on this show that would last for a whole season that higher-ups did not even realize (Chewey Chicken? Nice edit Nick). The innuendo was so downplayed that some I didn’t get until after I became an adult. This show was a hoot!


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