Top 5: Favorite Shows from Nick Jr.

(My little sister asked me to do some lists covering blocks of children’s shows I grew up, so I said okay but they’re going to be Top 5’s because it keeps me from covering just what I remember to what I remember vividly.)

5.) Muppet Babies

Who doesn’t remember this? A cartoon that references pop culture (of that time period) and encourages using your imagination (it even says so in the theme song), and you never saw above Nanny’s legs. That still makes me wonder to this day.

4.) Gullah Gullah Island

I loved this show as a kid. The music was great (definitely my favorite theme song from the Nick Jr. days), I had such a crush on Vanessa, I thought it was awesome that the parents played themselves and it was their way of teaching about their culture through life lessons, songs and adventures. This show did what My Brother and Me (also an African-American centric show on Nick) failed to do. Binyah Binyah!

3.) Allegra’s Window

The one show on my list that I bet is least remembered if at all by most people. In case you couldn’t tell, I loved shows with musical accompaniment and this show was no different. It was very Sesame Street-esque using animation, live actors and puppets but this show most reminds me of Lamb Chop. (Just wait till I do a KERA block of shows) I will always remember the talking instruments that would sometimes help with the musical numbers. Good little show.

2.) Eureeka’s Castle

Man, this is the one show on the list that I miss the most. Did you know that this show was co-created by…R.L. Stein? Awesome! This puppet show was the most like Sesame Street to me and had just as many memorable characters; Eureeka who was a magician in training, a dragon named Magellan, Batty (guess what he is), The Moat Twins who love peanut butter sandwiches and the Fishtones who basically gave the show an excuse to have random singing in it (not for nothing but next to them, Eureeka had a really good singing voice too!). The one show on my list that I can sit and watch as an adult and feel no shame whatsoever.

(A quick Honorable Mention to Face who handled all the segues and lead-in’s between the shows. He was what started the day for Nick Jr. and he closed it out too!)

1.) Blue’s Clues

I’ll admit, the reason why this is #1 is not because of its replay value and especially not when Steve left the show. The whole idea of playing the game with your younger siblings is a memory that goes way beyond the viability of a television program. Singing, Mail Time, or “we just got a letter” or the goodbye song…I still know clear as a bell because honestly when we were looking for Blue’s Clues…looking back “it was really fun.”


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