Top 10: Favorite Looney Tunes Characters

10.) Foghorn Leghorn

To this day, he gives one of my all time favorite one-liners in all of cartoons: “Gal reminds of the highway between Fort Worth and Dallas…no curves.” Zing!

9.) Marvin the Martian

Nothing like a character that wants to blow up the earth. Oh, he was my favorite character to draw as a kid.

8.) Speedy Gonzalez

So why not the Road Runner? I always thought Speedy’s love for cheese made him more interesting than bird seed did for the Road Runner. And there’s the song Queso Bandito

7.) Bugs Bunny

Despite my obvious bias (we’ll get to that later) Bugs’ dealings with the mobsters Rocky and Mugsy are enough for him to get on my list. That and he has some of my favorite songs in all of Looney Tunes: “Someone’s Rockin’ My Dreamboat”, “Jimmy Crack Corn”

6.) Yosemite Sam

I Hate Rabbits!

5.) Tweety

Three reasons: 1) Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries  2) Hyde and Go Tweet (watch the episode) 3) “He fall down go BOOM!

4.) Porky Pig

His interactions with a certain little black duck are the stuff of legends. The most underrated Looney Tunes star in my opinion.

3.) Pepe Le Pew

Yes I like the skunk, no don’t judge me for it.

2.) Wile E. Coyote

A lot of people forget that Wile E. Coyote: Super Genius, can not only talk (quite well actually) but he’s had some run ins with Bugs Bunny himself. It’s not fair…Wile E. deserved some compensation for all the abuse he took…

1.) Daffy Duck (and his ego)

If you know me, this comes as no surprise. The real star of the show, the one that makes everybody else look a whole lot better than they have any business being, the gorgeous hunk of duck himself. Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters is resume enough. I ran over a girl trying to see Daffy at Six Flags…I was an adult when this happened. Lastly, Duck Dodgers and “Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives.”

(drops mic…and hears nothing but crickets.)


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