Top 10: Dragonball Z Attacks!

10.) Tri-Beam

Tien’s attack of choice, one whose power comes from the very life force of the user. Whether it blows up the ring in the World Martial Arts Tournament against Goku or able to slow down Stage 2 Cell from absorbing the Androids, it is definitely one of the most important attacks in DBZ.

9.) Big Bang Attack

Expect a lot of a Vegeta on my personal list. A single handed energy ball attack (one of the few non-beam style attacks by the way) that really comes across well in the video games but in particular when under the influence of the Majin symbol, killed a section of the audience with it during a World Tournament trying to provoke Goku into fighting him. Oh and he bested Android 19 with it upon his newly-achieved Super Saiyan status.

8.) (Super) Dragon Fist

The Only GT attack on my list, I personally prefer the Kid Goku version over his SS4 counterpart because such a big move coming from someone so small. Not for nothing, but the first victim of this move was actually against Super Android 13.

7.) Final Explosion

The defining moment in Vegeta’s Dragonball Z run…Majin Buu was unstoppable. He one-shotted Gohan, took down the Supreme Kai, not even the combined Trunks and Goten were enough. Similar to Tien, Vegeta converted his life force into energy…all of it turning himself into a bomb hoping to blow Majin Buu to bits. And while Vegeta’s sacrifice left him as a lifeless statue, Buu would simply regenerate himself. Goku would also try this in GT against Super Android 17 but he too failed but not at the cost of his life and was talked out of trying it on Omega Shenron by Vegeta himself.

6.) Wolf Fang Fist

One of my favorite aspects of the original Dragon Ball series was not only the importance of “human” characters but the actual martial arts that took place in this series. Yamcha: it’s practitioner introuduced the first ki-based attack in the series. Yes it is a melee-type move but the wolf that is always seen in the background is essentially the embodiment of the ki that powers his strikes. I always thought the move was cool.

5.) Four Witches Technique

Since I just brought up Dragon Ball, the only move on my list that really is not an attack. Tien basically sprouts two extra arms from his shoulders and continues the final round match with Goku. In conjuction with this, I equally like Goku’s answer to this move, which he took from a preliminary match giving him the illusion of eight arms. (For the record, this is my favorite fight in the entire series.)

4.) Kamehameha

What else needs to be said.

3.) Galick Gun

Vegeta’s Kamehameha if you will…not nearly as iconic but I’m partial to the Saiyan Prince.

2.) Special Beam Cannon

People tell me the DBZ character that I remind them of most is Mr. Piccolo. Loved the original build up for this move as a means to defeat Goku (which he basically ended up doing anyway) and it turned into the move that really set the Saiyan Saga in motion. The move may not cover a wide surface area like other beam attacks but I love the design of the move and the piercing effect it gives.

1.) Final Flash

Yes, my favorite move is Vegeta’s trump card against Perfect Cell that blew half of him away…and although later a Cell Jr. made this move look like utter language, the grandiose nature of the move always appealed to me and the fact that Vegeta comes across very well when using it!


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