Flash of Two Worlds

If there was a central theme (pun not intended) to last season, it would be that lies never lead to anything good. I think a different aspect of these trust issues are going to play itself out through the course of this season. Team Flash goes as our hero goes and considering how distrusting Barry was throughout the entirety of the episode, the opening exchange with Jay Garrick showed the team very reserved. Jay trying to explain himself really made Joe in particular unnerved, clearly he knows all about everyone on the team. More to the point, Jay does not have his speed which really doesn’t help his rapport with Barry Allen. Jay also give us some more background on the singularity that brought both him and Atom Smasher (last week’s villain) to this Earth. I say that because Jay explains that he comes from a parallel Earth and that there other singularity entry points like the one he came through.

Professor Stein once again becoming that marquee member of the team comes up with the “multiverse” theory to provide some substance to Jay’s alternate Earth theory. He and Cisco use the surrounding satellite to take a digital picture of the city to try and find other entry points (later called breaches). And of course there are 52 of them…because. Speaking of nods to the comic, while our heroes basically lock up Jay Garrick since the tests they were running on him were inconclusive, we get our new character of the week: Patty Spivot. She’s a new cop to Central City who has a bit of a chipper streak to her and she is trying (to little success) to get on Joe’s nonexistent metahuman task force. More on this later as she is the MVP of this episode.

The ‘Villain of the Week’ that Zoom sent to “kill the Flash” is Sand Demon. We get a little more on Zoom from Jay Garrick. He explains how Zoom and him were doing battle ever since he became the Flash on his world but Zoom was always one step ahead, to the point that Jay was about to meet his end but the singularity opened a breach and pulled him though before Zoom could deliver the finishing blow. Also while the Reverse Flash’s color of choice was yellow, Zoom’s is apparently blue. Sand Demon got the upper hand on Barry and when Jay tries to offer his expertise…he gets shut down by Barry saying if he was such a “Flash”, he would’ve been able to stop him on his world. The tension between the two Flashes were a bit off and that has more to do with Barry Allen not being over what Harrison Wells did to him. This episode really shows Jay as that mentor who is trying to help and Barry being distrusting due to his own idiosyncrasies…some of which clearly a fallout from last week’s episode. The Flash has to let his team help him gain the advantage before he gets humbled by the VOTW, that’s twice already. Not for nothing, the Sand Demon’s civilian form for a lack of a better term has a counterpart that already exists and whom Patty and Joe apprehended by mistake…because he has no powers. So true to form after they release him, the “powered” Sand Demon shows up and takes Officer Spivot hostage.

Now that everything has more or less unraveled, Barry has no choice but release Jay from containment and allow his assistance. Jay explains that Barry needs to use the lightning that he emits from running as a projectile to in essence shatter the Sand Demon like glass. But they also need to save Patty and figure out where she is being kept. We find out why Patty is so adamant about joining Joe on his strike force. The Martin Brothers (from Season 1) who were a big thorn in the side of Joe West; Martin also shot Patty’s dad in the face and killed him over a few hundred dollars. A lot of us put on a brave face and mask our true and innermost feelings when life devastates us. It makes sense why Patty is so overly nice and spunky. While it reminds you of the cute dog that follows you home and you can’t get it to go away, Joe was able to see the determination and the diligence behind it all. One of the big reasons why I started writing again was the fact that I always knew and everyone one would tell me what a ‘good’ person I was. But everyday I felt like anything but, I hated my life, I hated most of the people I worked with, the way I was treated…I started to hate the guy looking back in the mirror. Just Terry is a way of life for me now; not just through my words but by just being myself with no pressure, no anxiety. In the end Patty was rewarded for her persistence and also the established bond through the classic comic trope of avenging the death of one’s parents.

Flashlines: I like the synergy between Patty and Barry. Why does Barry have great chemistry with every other female but Iris? Cisco was able to figure out where Sand Demon was by touching a sample of his and getting a “Vibe” and reliving the previous memory. He asks Stein not to reveal this to the others as he feels much like Barry that Wells might have unknown reason for basically turning Cisco into a meta. Jay Garrick acts as bait to distract Sand Demon while the Barry Allen Flash saves Patty from a concussive bomb…and we get a comic cover shout out when both Flashes race over to see if Patty is okay. Oh and the episode ends with Stein passing out after discovering the 52 breaches…good cliffhanger.

Line of the Night:Just because it’s a different life, doesn’t mean it’s a worse one.” – Caitlin talking to Jay about the loss of his speed

I don’t need to add anything to that quote, it speaks for itself.

A solid episode for the Scarlet Speedster…looks like a cold front is moving in next week. Bring your jacket and thanks for reading! Flashout!


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