Top 10: Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

10.) Iron Man 2

This was the first movie to me that really set up the MCU from referencing Africa (Black Panther), showing footage of the Hulk, Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer (in a post-credits scene) Not to mention Tony Stark outing himself as Iron Man

9.) Thor

Great introduction to the mythos of Asgard and really enjoyed Chris Hemsworth performance in this film. Didn’t think the sequel was anything special though…

8.) Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. was meant to be Tony Stark, this was the movie that demonstrates why? (Sam Jackson shows up at the end…awesome!!!)

7.) Avengers: Age of Ultron

There is some recency bias with this one because while it lacks the stakes of the first film and the action isn’t as hard hitting as I would have hoped for (save for the Hulk/Iron-Man Hulkbuster battle), there was a lot more humanity in the film. Between the relationship between Banner and Natasha, Pietro and Wanda as well as Hawkeye’s pathos with his own family, I did enjoy the story a little bit more. We get vibranium as a central plot device, a Civil War tease, Vision and Thanos with empty infinity gauntlet in hand. Language!

6.) Ant-Man

I have no words…most surprising movie I have seen. A good, solid film. Though it does remind me a bit of the first Iron Man, but that’s a good thing.

5.) Iron Man 3

“Suit or no suit, I am Iron Man.” Pepper Pots and PTSD taken seriously makes this my favorite of the trilogy.

4.) The Avengers

I still remember the feeling of being in the theater day of the movie’s release. It felt like being at a home team’s football game with fellow fans around you. Amazing…oh and “Puny god.”

3.) Captain America: The First Avenger

As a period piece, this movie does what no other movie in this universe does for any of their characters. It gives gravitas and scope to one of the most important and influential characters in our country’s history. It even handles the corniness behind the character as a means to advance Steve Rogers’ character not just as Captain America but as a soldier fighting for credibility and dignity. This is the film that I watch the most just because I appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish and I think they did.

2.) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Normally this movie would be my number one…because of bias. The biggest challenge of this movie was putting a period piece character in modern day times. It worked and I think it exposed some unflattering truths that people do not like to admit or talk about and I love this movie for doing so.

1.) Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie is so B.A. and it’s because I knew next to nothing about these guys and this movie made me care. It mage me invested in their story. Don’t get me started on the musical aspect which was not only essential to the plot but we got a good soundtrack out of it too. If there is one sequel I am most excited for…it’s this one!


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