Who is Terry Carter?

Origin Story…no not exactly. My name is Terry Carter and the desire to write once again has led me on this path to better express my thoughts and feelings through the art of words and phrases. When I was a kid, I loved writing poetry…was pretty good at it too. I got into writing short stories and doing breakdowns for my favorite anime at that time Shaman King. Eventually, I got burned out. No matter what I set out to do in life, I always had a love for helping people. Whether I was in choir, leading bible study, or just being a team player working a normal job. 

I asked the question, who is Terry Carter because for a considerable amount of time…I honestly didn’t know. I would go to work and get little to no respect no matter how much success I would have. It got to where I would go home and I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t be able to recognize who was staring back at me. It felt like ‘Terry Carter’ became something I had to be in order to get through every day. I lost sight of what was important to me, on the inside. So, I left my one job and instead got multiple part-time jobs all the while getting back into school. So you would think with all that and now starting a blog, it sounds pretty insane. On the surface maybe, but I wake up now with so much life in my eyes. I’m no longer just angry and upset and having to harness those emotions to forge through the day. The idea of being ‘Terry Carter’ was being that leader who put it all on his back if necessary, who would do what was best for everyone else, the first man up & the last man standing. Well, when you have the nickname of “Captain America” for more than twenty years, those intangibles don’t just vanish. But now, I don’t have the pressure of that always weighing on me. I can be just Terry…which is where the whole idea of this blog and all subsequent writings comes from. I can just be myself and do what I love and what makes me happy.

I hope you come along this journey with me. I will of course be following CW’s The Flash on a weekly bases. There will also be “retrospectives” of animated shows from  the past, personal top ten lists and various writings on other interests in the worlds of sports, entertainment and “nerdom.”

My name is Terry Carter…but you can call me “just Terry!”


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